Architecture is not static - so is our work. A building, despite its infrastructural aspect that anchors itself objectively in its environment, is subjected to human action, to every single flow that builds a city. It seems absurd to try to capture a realistic single sight of a dynamic object. You will only get a moment, a second, only a wink of the project's reality. Our work rather than focus on the mood of the architecture, the atmosphere or maybe the aura that emanates out of it . Motion, lights, people, cars, weather -architecture is not just built, architecture is about inhabit. Our visualizations try to show those flows that are going to shape the building's aspect. We do not focus on the realistic part, but more on the project's inner environment and the interactions that could appear when the project will be actually built. We focus on the lights that come from the building, the life that develops itself inside, the flow of people that comes in and out, all those details that make architecture something dynamic.

We try to create what we could call an expressive visualization of city life